And Maybe Romance Song

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Moonlight and Pines Productions is proud to sponsor the production of a fine piece of music by L A Morgan.

“And Maybe Romance” is a tribute to the late great Frank Sinatra, written in his own distinctive style.  Moonlight and Pines Productions is currently hosting an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to finance a big band production of this song.  We have enlisted the best, Tim Patrick and the Blue Eye’s band, to orchestrate and perform “And Maybe Romance” in a style ol’ blue eyes would have appreciated.


The IndieGoGo campaign can be found here.


Tim Patrick is a Sinatra Style singer, and the Blue Eye’s Band is a 10 piece big band orchestra.

For more information about Tim Patrick and the The Blue Eyes band Click Here.


“And Maybe Romance” is not only setup to be a hit-single, but is also planned to be the theme song to our new upcoming film production by the same name.  We will list this on our upcoming project page when we are a bit closer to launch.  We are currently targeting the summer of 2015.


The List of The Fine People Who Made This Magic Happen


Extra Special Thanks To

  • Tim Patrick and The Blue Eyes Band